Faith, Fellowship, Friends


Through their freshman and sophomore years students will go through the question and answers of the Heidelberg Catechism and discover how this format can help answer questions they have about their faith today. They meet on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am

9th and 10th Catechism 2017-2018 Schedule

Sep. 24 Troy       Lesson 1 Why Should You Care?

Oct. 1 Troy         Lesson 2 A Matter of Possession

Oct 8 Substitute - (Phil G.)        Lesson 3 But God's Law States

Oct 15 Troy        Lesson 4 Sin in the World

Oct 22 Troy        Lesson 5 God's Perfect Balance

Oct 29 Substitute - (Phil G.)      Lesson 6 His Sacrifice of Extreme Cost

Nov. 5 Troy         Lesson 7 Your Human and Divine Savior

Nov. 12 Troy       Lesson 8 To Confess True Faith

Nov 19 Substitute - (Phil G.)     Lesson 9 The Triune God and You

Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 Troy         Lesson 10 God Cares for His Creation

Dec 10 Substitute - (Phil G.)     Lesson 11 God's Care in Providence

Dec 17 Troy      Lesson 12 The Genuine Savior

Dec 24/31        Christmas /New Years Break

Jan  7 Troy       Lesson 13 The Offices of Christ

Jan 14 Troy      Lesson14 To Be a Christian

Jan 21              NO CLASS

Jan 28 Troy      Lesson 15 Adopted Through Christ

Feb 4 Troy        Lesson 16 The Miracle of the Incarnation

Feb 11              NO CLASS

Feb 18 Troy      Lesson 17 The Sufferings of Christ

Feb 25 Troy      Lesson 18 His Death and Your Gain

Mar. 4               NO CLASS

Mar 11 Troy      Lesson 19 The Victory of His Resurrection

Mar 18 Troy      Lesson 20 His Pleading on Your Behalf

Mar 25              NO CLASS

 Apr 1               Easter Break

Apr 8 Troy        Lesson 21 Comfort from Your Divine Judge

Apr 15              NO CLASS

Apr 22 Troy      Lesson  22 The Holy Spirit's Fellowship

Apr 29 Troy     Lesson 23 The Church and It's Fellowship

May 6             NO CLASS

May 13 Troy    Lesson 24 Resurrected Bodies and Everlasting Life

May 20 Troy    Lesson 25 To Be Right with God